Drunk, stupid or just unlucky?

Last night Judit woke me at about 1.30 in the night, saying ”Martin, wake up, there was something that sounded like a crash!”.

Since there has been some accidents on the road in front of our house before (our cat was run over, and a firetruck slid off the road, sprayed 50 kg of gravel onto our lawn and destroyed the mailboxes, lamppost etc.) we were both up in 10 seconds, and looked out the window.

There was a car hanging over the ditch, front right hanging on one side of the ditch, back left hanging on the other. Lights and enginge running. We saw how the driver tried different things to get loose, and after about 20-25 seconds he (I’m guessing it was a he, because a woman would probably do the clever thing, which would be to step outside and call someone for help) managed to get enough jiggle and traction to pull himself ouf of the ditch.

I was expecting him to stop, get out and check out the car when he got out of the ditch, but he didn’t and instead just continued driving out to the E6, with the car making lots of noise which didn’t sound very good, trunk door open and some lights broken I think… The question is, was he drunk or driving a stolen car and didn’t want to be there in case the police showed up, or maybe he was in chock? I didn’t see the car very well, since it was before the sunrise, but I think it looked like a fairly new silver Peugeot…