Am I about to be bitten…

iphone…by the Apple-bug?

As you may have read I have had problems with my phones recently. My old favourite (Nokia N95) has been a long trusted helper, but unfortunately it has started acting weird, and therefore has to be retired soon. I replaced it with a Nokia E52, which absolutely didn’t work well for me, and now I have been uncertain about what to replace that with. Should I go for something which is small/light/simple, or something which is a bit bigger, but more competent? Since I now use my mobile more and more as a business-phone (e-mails, calendar, surfing) I decided it would be better to go for something less portable in favour of a good screen and good usability, and the choice ended up on a Apple iPhone 3GS.

I have seen the iPhone in use by friends and family, and I’ve seen first hand that it is indeed a quite competent phone. It’s actually much more of a portable computer with touch-screen, which is appealing, since my mobile habits are much more in that direction (being able to log in to the company portal, resetting servers etc, while sitting on a train or in the car etc.)

The order is placed now, and I’m eager for it to show up, so I can find out why so many others are iPhonoholics :)