@eddieizzard show in Oslo yesterday

Yesterday evening we were at Eddie Izzards last stop of his ‘Stripped‘ tour in Europe. We’ve never seen him live before, so it was a real treat to see him in real life. We’ve seen all of his previous shows on DVD, and love his sense of humour and intelligence, and this show wasn’t a disappointment.

He delivered many wonderful jokes, in a show which dealt with the entire lifespan of the earth from beginning until now, touching on religion, raptors and jazz chickens… The only thing that prevented this show from being a clear 5-star for me was that you could tell that he was a little bit tired, maybe both from all the touring, and performing the same show for over a year.

Regardless, it was an excellent show, and both I and Judit laughed ourselves silly :) I’m ordering the DVD right away, since I want to be able to re-live the experience many times over :)

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