I’ve entered a few competitions recently, hoping to have a chance at winning myself a new camera, since I’m in a situation now regarding my current camera where I’m a bit uncertain.

I have a Pentax K10D which I won in a competition a few years ago, and with it I use my ”old” lenses which I got when I used my old 35-mm camera. Those lenses were perfect at that time, a 24mm for nice wide angle shots, landscapes, indoors in low light etc. I also used a 50mm for nice portraits, and with a very large maximum aperture of 1.4 it lets it a lot of light, enabling very nice low light photographs.

Unfortunately though, since most digital SLR cameras until recently were only of the smaller sensor format (smaller sensor area than old 35-mm film), making all lenses 1,55 times ”longer”, which effectively turned my lenses into a 37mm and a 75mm, which isn’t perfectly suited for either landscape or portait. However, since the lenses are of good quality I’ve still made many good shots with them.

Now almost all of the major camera manufacturers are releasing DX (full format) cameras at the prosumer (pro consumer) level, which means you can use the full quality of your old lenses with your new camera. In most photographers cases the lenses they own are worth many times more than the price of the camera. Unfortunately Pentax is almost the only manufacturer who hasn’t released a DX-format camera, and they don’t seem to be going in that direction either. Canon, Nikon and a few other have already had several models out for a long time.

I have a few options now;

  • Sell my K10D with all the lenses and peripherals and buy a new DSLR, probably Canon
  • Try to sell only 1 or 2 of my lenses and buy another lens, better fitting the photos I want to take
  • Sell my K10D with everything and get a good quality compact digital camera (not as bad an option as it might sound, since there are actually very high quality compacts too)
  • Wait for Pentax to release a full format camera, and then save up money for it

It’s a bit tricky, since selling my old gear probably wouldn’t fetch super-good money (maybe halve of what it’s really worth), but on the other hand if I’m not happy with how my camera works then that isn’t good either, right?

What I’m going to do is I’m going to check around on forums and classified adds if there’s any interest for the system I have, and consider after that how I proceed. I might think about checking with one of my fellow club members to, who I know has a Pentax and might be interesting in buying one or two of my lenses.

Worth sleeping on. :)

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