Unusual new years eve

We visited our friend Siri’s cabin in the Norwegian country-side. It’s a 90-minute drive from where we live, most of it winding roads through forest and next to lakes. Very beautiful, especially with the winter landscape we have now.

It was a bit cold when we started out, about -19, which mellowed to -16 by the time we arrived. We met with some of Siri’s relatives and friends, and had a lovely evening with good food, games and a warm toasty fireplace.

Since we started getting a bit sleepy we decided to head homewards a bit after 10. As we got half-way home I realized that we would be driving when the new years bell tolled, and according to Hungarian tradition, whatever you’re doing on new years day, you’ll be doing all year (which I why Judit won’t do any cleaning, dishing, washing or anything boring today).

When we drove it felt like we were the only ones on the roads, since there was a fresh cover of snow, and there were no other tracks visible. The snow also made the sound of the road very soft, so it was like zooming or flying forward, with a big trail of snow-smoke behind us, and not another car in sight.

As the time neared midnight we entered Sweden (probably we were the last ones to cross the Norwegian-Swedish border at Svinesund in 2009), and saw people starting to fire of fireworks. At the strike of midnight we were only 5 km from home, and listened to the Swedish anthem on the radio, made our wishes, and wished each other a happy new year.

An unusual, but lovely new years eve.

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