Busy busy…

Weird week with several meetings cancelled due to colleagues and suppliers calling in sick. Well well, it’s the flu season I guess. I already had the ”infamous” flu in the fall (and took the vaccine, just in case), so I’m hoping I won’t have any problems this spring, although it is supposedly not supposed to make any difference due to the different strains of viruses going around.

I was a bit occupied with my camera setup a little while ago, whether to change systems, or lenses, but I don’t have the economy for it. If I manage to sell one (or most likely both) of my lenses I might be able to afford a new prime lens or change system to something in the lowest range of the other system. Until then I’m just going to continue using what I have. No rush. It is by no means a bad setup. The K10D (although a bit too noisy for my taste) and the lenses I have are good and produce better superior photos than most compact cameras under most conditions.

Now I am instead thinking a bit about how to make best use of the software. Both Photoshop and Lightroom are very powerful pieces of software, but they work best in different situations, so I have to think a bit about what I really do with my photos once I’ve taken them. Do I usually just correct the colour balance, tweak a few curves, or do I spend more time creating work with layers, and which software is best for organising my photos? This is what I’m going to get deeper into.