Shrove tuesday / Fettisdagen

Today is Fettisdagen (sw. literaly translated; fat Tuesday). It is a day with old traditions, but these days it’s mostly a marketing ploy and excuse to eat Semla, a wheat bun, cut in two parts, slightly scooped out, filled with almond paste and whipped cream. When I was a kid these buns were only made for this day, but now you can get them at coffee shops as early as the beginning of January. Granted, this little bun is delicious and does well compared to many pastries etc, but its getting less and less special when you eat it many times.

I’ve had three Semla this year, my 3rd being the one I had today, and I don’t think I’ll have any more now this year. There are a few seasonal specials that used to be sold only at certain times of the year, but now many of them are becoming standard products which can be bought all year round. Julmust (Christmas softdrink) can now be bought early in the fall, Påskmust (Easter softdrink, identical to Julmust) will be on sale in a few weeks I guess, and it’s not going to be long before there’s Sommarmust (summer softdrink), if somebody hasn’t already invented it…

Am I turning into a cranky old bastard who will go around saying; ”It was better before!”? Who knows, I guess time will tell :)