Trip to Gothenburg

Yesterday we made a little day-trip to Gothenburg. We went to check out a open studio of one of Judit’s acquaintances, and maybe just spend a few hours relaxing in town. We decided to take the car instead of the train, since train would have meant we would have had to leave early in the morning, and leave from Gothenburg around 7. The price for train or car is roughly the same if it’s 2 people travelling. For anything more than 2 people the car is cheaper, even if you include parking in Gothenburg.

We used the car GPS to find the closest parking near the studio, which turned out to be around 600-700 meters away (the GPS only has public parkings listed, which is usually where you have a chance of finding an open spot). It was a bit chilly in Gothenburg, -7 and a bit of wind, so it felt more like -15…

The studio visit was very interesting, and made us inspired to think of how we could change our little studio in to something that would work better for us. It was mostly Judit using it in the past, but it’s not perfectly suited, but with some changes it might work better…

After the studio visit we went to another open studio (textile and weaving-work), and then to a gallery in the area (the area is called konstepedmin, a name derived from the fact that it used to be a treatment facility for epidemic victims in the 1800’s). That gallery also had some interesting, although disturbing art which wasn’t really my favourite type of art.

When the art visits were done we headed back toward the car. Unfortunately the GPS of the iPhone isn’t a really great tool to navigate, so we went for a bit of a detour and were really frosty when we finally arrived back at the car. We were both getting a bit hungry and decided to go to the city centre for some food. First we made a quick visit to Sci-Fi bokhandeln, and picked up 8 Asian DVD’s (no lack of things to watch for the coming weeks). I’m most looking forward to watch Pom Poko. It’s a Studio Ghibli animation, which is usually very good!

After we shopped DVD’s we went to Hälsosushi. Judit had Sushi and I had some very yummy beef and rice. Delicious fast food!

Before heading home we made quick stop for a latte and a little (but very yummy) cake at Fröken Olssons.

Oh, and we discovered that Judit can balance a parking receipt on her nose for 70 kilometers, without using her hand or any sort of tape or glue ! :)