Photo fair in Gothenburg coming up…

…And I’m planning on going. I’ve decided I’m going to get a newer Pentax, since the one I have has 4 years of heavy use on it, and almost 20000 exposures. It probably will do another 5-10000 (let’s hope), but what I’m really missing is the possibility to use high iso’s. Today I rarely go above ISO 400, since it’s just too noisy when I use 800 or 1600 (which is the max on the K10D). Even though my 50 mm F1.4 is very bright I often have to use more than 1/15 second exposure when I shoot indoors, which makes it a bit of a gamble if it’s going to be sharp or not.

My plans at the photo fair is to check out the new Pentax K-x, which is something as rare as a consumer-targeted camera which has pro qualities! The K-x can go as high as ISO 12800, and from what I’ve heard it is quite good as high up as 6400, which means I could get a shutter time of maybe 1/90 or 1/180 when using the 50 mm at F1.4, and that would be great! It’s also very reasonably priced, costing halve as much as what my K10D cost (or would have cost if I had to buy mine :-) ) when it was new. Disadvantages of the K-x is that is isn’t weatherproof in the way that the K10D is (you can basically put the K10D in a running shower and keep on shooting), but on the other hand I haven’t had use for that at all, since I usually don’t take photos in the rain, and I’m sure the K-x can handle a little bit of humidity or a few drops of rain as long as I use common sense and wipe it off and let it de-humidify at a slow pace. Other downside? It uses 4 AA batteries. That’s weird. It can’t be a price thing, so I guess someone at Pentax thought; It for those people just starting to use a digital camera, let’s make it easy for them to charge the battery by using ordinary AA batteries! Weird, but not a major problem for me. Oh, and the K-x also films! It can shoot 1280×720 at 24 fps, which sounds very good! I’m not sure how much I would use that, but it’s nice to know that it’s possible.

So, these are my thoughts about the upcoming fair, but I’m not going there only to check out the Pentax K-x, but also to see what else is happening in the world of photography, and to get inspiration! Looking forward to it :-)