New Pentax K-7 purchased at the photo fair!

I was at the Photo fair in Gothenburg today. It was a very nice experience, lots of things to see, and more importantly try out. I was very interested with the photo studio setups shown, with everything from cheap 250 SEK reflectors to huge softboxes and digital backpieces costing more than an average car.

I also took the opportunity to do something I’ve been pondering a while, and that was to buy myself a new camera. I already decided on Pentax, and so I went to their display and tried out the K-7. A lovely piece of kit. First impressions compared to my old K10D;

  • Smaller (the K10D feels massive in comparison, which I sort of liked, but on the other hand most of the new sub-$2000 DSLR’s are all on the small side it seems)
  • Lighter (good for your back if you’re using it a lot)
  • Better display (higher resolution)
  • 14.6 megapixels (K10D has 10). Megapixels aren’t very important for me, but something which is very important is;
  • Much higher ISO-sensitivity (something which is very interesting. I haven’t tried that out yet, but I definately will. Just the opportunity to shoot up to ISO 3200 without it looking like gravel is very interesting!
  • Film mode (don’t know how much I will use this, but it’s there anyway)

I haven’t had the chance to try it out much, but as soon as I have I will post a follow up here :-)

Oh, and in a few days there will also be a 70-200mm f2.8 (Tamron or Sigma) showing up here it seems. That will also be fun :)

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  1. Judit

    And the previous one will be MINE :-D my first REAL camera…hehehe. Thanks, Martin! And I wish you take many wonderful shots with the new baby!

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