New web-hotel

In the last month or two me and Judit noticed that our web provider,, was getting slower and slower, which meant our sites, which uses WordPress, took a few seconds longer than usual to respond. It wasn’t a huge problem, but especially the administration-panel took longer than comfortable to respond, which was annoying.

In the past I’ve been quite comfortable with having my website at, and it has responded well, even after I started using WordPress, and so I contacted the support. They basically responded, yes, we can see it’s slow, but I can’t see why. Since I work with IT support I can read this response between the lines I can tell that this means; ”yes, it’s slow, and it’s because we’re putting more clients on each server in order to get a bit more profit, but we’re not allowed to tell you this.”. is a very affordable solution for anyone who wants to have a very cheap website, you can get a website with a domain name for as little as 25-30 Euro per year, and for many people and small companies it is a very affordable and simple way to have a web presence. However, it’s not as expensive as you might think to get a better solution, especially if you have several domains, like we do. What we did was this;

I signed us up a for simple account at Binero. They have been voted the best web hotel in Sweden for two years, running, and I can see why. Their pricing is totally clear, no hidden charges (you can quit your account any time, and they will pay back any prepaid amount you have left). I sent two e-mails to their support, and both times the answers came in a reasonable time (3 hrs and 1 hr) and both times the answers were in clear and simple language.

A simple account at Binero costs about 80 euro per year, and includes 100 GB of space (33 times more than at and enough trafic for a very popular site with thousands of daily visits and heavy graphics. One thing that I really liked was that for those who know a bit more about Webdesign you have the chance to adjust practically all of the settings of your account. You can set up tons of mysql-databases, tons of domains connected to one account etc, so now mine and Judits site are on one single account, which means in reality the price increase wasn’t so big, and we can really tell the difference in speed! I think Binero works on the assumptions that their customers pays for making sure their sites aren’t throttled or slowed down by pushing too many customers on their servers…

So far, we’re happy with the experience we have at Binero, and I would gladly recommend it to anyone who considers their website an important part of their marketing or online life.