Moving a WordPress-installation…

Today I’ve spent some time moving a WordPress-installation. I made a website for the dogclub I’m the webmaster for in the end of last year, and originally it was meant to co-exist with a bunch of ordinary html-files, so I did the wordpress-install in a subfolder. It has worked fine, but it didn’t look very professional since we ended up using only the wordpress-install and all the pages got an url including a folder named wordpress, so today I decided to move it. This is how I did it;

– I downloaded all the files via FTP
– I changed the settings in the general options of wordpress to go to the site root
– I re-uploaded all the files via FTP
– Went through each single page and changed the permalinks and the url’s for all the images.

This might sound simple, and it was, but the fourth step took about 3-4 hours to complete. Good for our club that they don’t pay me, because it would have crippled the club budget a bit :-)