R.I.P. Elvis

Yesterday evening our cat, Elvis, got killed by a car. Unfortunately this is the same thing which happened to our previous cat, Yoda, and it wasn’t any easier to deal with this time.

We were getting ready to go to bed, Judit was downstairs taking a bath, Bori was reading a book when someone knocked on the door. I opened it, and didn’t recognize the man in question. He asked if we have a cat. I said yes, and I already got worried, he asked, white and grey? Yes.. With a tick collar? Yes… Then I’m sorry, but I hit your cat  with my car, and it is dead. I followed him down to their car, which was parked out on the street in front of us. He had a blue plastic bag, and I looked in it, and it was Elvis. I had already known it before when he said white and grey, but having seen him made me realize it fully. It was clear to me he wasn’t alive, but fortunately he didn’t look much damaged. I told the man I was grateful he didn’t just leave him at the side of the road, and made the effort to look for the owners. I also said I understood it was an accident. He said it was over very quickly, which was a relief for me to hear. Although Elvis was our cat he was in some way mostly my cat. It was me he always came to for petting, and I was the one he liked to lay down next to.

I breaks my heart that he left us so soon, not even 2 years old, and even though I know that life isn’t everlasting for anyone it still is very hard when this happens. We will all miss him very much. We buried him yesterday evening, under his (and his brothers) favourite tree, together with his favourite toy. I gave him a last cuddle before I put him in the ground. He was my sweet little demon, a gentle cat (he liked to nibble my fingers, but never bit or scratched anyone) and we all cried ourselves to sleep yesterday.

I will once again write a letter to the authority in charge of roads, asking that they reconsider the speed limit of the road in front of our house. 70 km is not a sane speed limit on a local road where there are only residential houses, most of which has families with children and animals. No-one could be in such a hurry that the 7-8 seconds added time it would take to drive 50 or 30 instead of 70 would make this much difference.

Life goes on, but he will be missed. R.I.P Elvis. 2008-2010.