This years TM meetup

This past weekend we went to this years’ TM-meetup. Unfortunately not so many could come, but those of us who were there enjoyed ourselves thoroughly! This years meetup was held at the same place as last year, at Daniel and Maija in the deep forests of småland. Their place is perfect for a family with TM. Lots of interesting land and forest to walk around in, and neighbours are widely spaced, so that a dog which occasionally likes to bark doesn’t annoy anyone.

The program for this year contained many things, amongst which was a visit to Helvetets Håla (the pit of hell), a picnic at the beach, walks in the forest and delicious food at the tipi, and to round of the evenings a bit of musical entertainment and relaxation in the groovy barn.

We slept at Trollebo, which is only a few kilometers from where Daniel and Maija lives. The cabins are very nice and clean and had everything we needed.

The weather forecast looked gloomy, but we decided that had a much better forecast than SMHI, and it proved to be much more accurate! A bit of rain on Friday evening and Saturday morning, and sunny with a few clouds for the rest of the visit.

We had a lovely time, and hope that the tradition of the TM meetup continues, since it is one of the few chances we have to meet other TM’s away from the slightly stressy location of a show-ring.

Thanks again to Maija and Daniel for arranging such a lovely meetup!

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