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Want to buy one (or several) of my watches?

I realize I’m not wearing most of my watches, so I will have a go at selling most of them. I’ll definately keep those 3 that belonged to my grandfather (omega seamaster, omega pocketwatch and eweco blue sport), but other than that I would sell any of the others. Unfortunately most of them aren’t collectors items, unless you’re collecting a mix of japanese digitals, swiss mechanical and chinese automatics, such as me :)

Have a look at my page called watches, and if you’re intrested, just send me an e-mail, the price is negotiable :)

New watch too!

Today the latest addition to my little watch-collection arrived. It’s a Casio Waveceptor, which means it automatically gets the time from a atomic radio-clock in germany, so you never have to bother with setting it or adjusting the daylight savings time etc…

It’s not a very fancy or classy watch, but it was almost given to me for free, so I’m not complaining :) I’ll have to have the watchmaker in town help me with shortening the bracelet a little, which should be a 5 minute job, then it’s ready to go :)

Watches, watches and more watches…

bienneI feel like an alcoholic. I know I shouldn’t do it, but I can’t help it. I traded an old watch for another not-so-old watch… The one I got was a Glycine Bienne 1914, which is a nice dress-watch, i.e. very clean design, quite thin, nice together with a nice shirt and business-clothes…

The problem is just; I’ve come to the point where I would like to have just one watch. One watch which would work in all situations, be very durable, and something I find interesting. There’s only one problem; such a watch isn’t cheap. Sure, I could use my 100 crown plastic Casio, it’s very affordable, tells the time, and if it should break in a year, I can just get another one. The problem with that is that it doesn’t live up to the ”interesting”-part for me. What I find interesting is for instance an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, or a Rolex Submariner 14060. Both are in the ”stupidly expensive”-range when they’re new, and in the ”too expensive”-range when they’re used. I’m putting my hopes now in that someone has the opposite desire to mine, i.e. ”I have just this rolex, and I’d like a few different types of watches for different moods, maybe I could trade 4-5 watches for the one I have?” :) Maybe it’s just wishful thinking from my side??